We exist to help others.

As a community of Jesus followers, we exist to help other people. We believe the answer to all life's questions and struggles are found in Him. So whether it's through our weekend gatherings, Dinner Church, or becoming a part of The Assembly, our sole purpose is to help others experience Jesus.
Welcome team

We strive to make people feel as welcome as possible. Our Welcome Team is the driving force behind that. With a simple smile and a hand shake we are helping people feel welcomed and loved. Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer questions, help direct children to Assembly Kids as well as handing out gifts to our first time guest is only some of the ways that our Welcome Team serves.

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Community Dinner

Here at The Assembly, we exist to helping people both spiritually and practically. For over 13 years,  we have been able to serve thousands of people with plates of food as well as helping hungry families by providing food baskets from our community food pantry. Serving on Monday nights is always welcome and can be a great way for families to serve together.

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Assembly Kids

At Assembly Kids, our priority is to lead children into making a life-long decision to follow Jesus Christ. We seek to empower kids to be willing to share the gospel wherever they are and to know that Jesus loves them. Because of that, we seek to be a ministry that is a safe and loving place for all children, birth to grade 5. Our children's ministry offers classes during all church services with a facility that is safe, clean and well designed for your child. Children will be securely checked in and will remain there until you pick them up. We have many areas for volunteers to love and minister to children. Some of these are teachers, helpers, administration and organization. We also offer annual events like Vacation Bible School for volunteers to make a forever imprint on a child's life. Join the Team

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Events Team

Throughout the year we have events that are focused on our community of Bonner County by reaching out and sharing the gospel. Our annual events are our Easter Event, Vacation Bible School, Monday Night Summer Dinner at the Beach, as well as family events such as a Summer Carnival and Fall Fest. We also hold smaller events year round to help us to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Members of the Event Team support each of these events with various roles of implementation, organization and facilitation as needed throughout the year.

Worship Team

We seek to inspire people to live a life of worship to Jesus. If you are passionate about worship and arts, become apart of our team. Areas include music, instruments, lights, sound and other creative arts.

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Community Youth

We aren’t just running a weekly youth service, we are on the front lines of the collision of students and the Gospel. As leaders we take the first step in engaging students -- Youth group can be intimidating, but walking in to meet a leader that is genuinely excited to see them each week helps break the intimidation factor down. Being consistently present in a young person’s life is one way to build trust and confidence and it’s our way of ensuring a safe place for students to be heard and cared for.

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